Group Management Philosophy

Group Management Philosophy

To contribute to the nurturing of an affluent society through the creation of a living environment where a greater number of people can live truly fulfilling lives

Group Management Policy

  • Contribute to the expansion and growth of the housing sales market with the aim of advancing sound development and improving the image of the housing sales industry.
  • Become a group of companies that has the trust and respect of society as a group that is always leading the creation of new markets for the future.
  • Become a group of companies that is first to anticipate changes in the times and can respond swiftly.
  • Leverage the strengths and expertise of Group companies to pursue operational efficiency and create new value.
  • Comply with laws and regulations, respect social justice and norms, and engage in fair business activities.
  • Provide lively, appealing workplaces that enable employees to challenge themselves and carry out fulfilling work.
  • Foster a friendly rivalry between Group companies that respects the autonomy of each company and grows and expands the Group as a whole.
  • Build comprehensive risk management frameworks at each Group company that enable them to react to any situation with swiftness and integrity.

The Concept Behind the Group Logo

The hexagonal shape of the Iida Group Holdings logo is the combination of the six Group companies and depicts a diamond, the hardest substance on the planet, and a honeycomb structure, thereby expressing the Group’s unbreakable cohesion.