2. Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Our company recognizes that it is important to protect the personal information that we obtain and use in the course of our business, and we believe that it is our social responsibility and responsibility.

1.About  acquiring personal information

When we acquire personal information from Customer, we will clearly state the purpose of use and only acquire it to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.

2.Use  of personal information

Personal information collected by our company will be used only within the scope of the purpose of use specified to Customer, and will not be used beyond that scope.

3. Regarding provision of personal information to third parties

In principle, our company will not disclose personal information provided by Customer to third parties, unless required by law or with the Customer's consent. However, in exceptional cases where it is unavoidable for business reasons, we may provide Customer personal information to a Customer party without obtaining your consent. In this case, we will stop providing personal information to third parties if requested by Customer.

4.About  proper management of personal information

In order to appropriately manage acquired personal information, our company takes organizational, human, physical, and technical safety control measures and works to prevent and correct the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

5.Respect for rights

If Customer requests disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of personal data held by our company, or suspension of use or erasure, we will respond promptly to the extent reasonably and necessary. I'll have it. Please note that fees may be charged for various procedures depending on the content.

6.Complaints and consultations

When our company receives a complaint or consultation regarding the handling of personal information, we will promptly investigate the facts, etc., and respond in good faith within a reasonable period of time.

7. Compliance with laws, national guidelines and other norms

Our company will protect personal information by complying with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines established by the government, and other norms.

8. Continuous improvement of personal information

Our company has appointed a personal information management officer and will continue to implement and maintain a personal information protection system based on changes in social conditions and the environment. We also conduct regular audits, review, and make improvements.