Privacy Policy

The Company is aware of the importance of protecting the personal information acquired and used in its operations and sees the protection of personal information as its responsibility and duty to society.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

Where the Company acquires personal information from its customers, it will disclose the purpose of use and only acquire personal information within the necessary scope to achieve that purpose.

2. Use of Personal Information

The Company will only use the personal information it collects within the scope of the purpose of use disclosed to the customer and will not use it beyond that scope.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Excluding cases based on laws and regulations or where the customer has provided consent, in principle, the Company will not disclose the personal information provided by its customers to third parties.

However, in unavoidable circumstances in the course of business, there may be exceptions in which the customer’s personal information is provided to third parties without the customer’s consent. In those cases, where requested by the customer, the Company will stop providing personal information to third parties.

4. Appropriate Management of Personal Information

To appropriately manage the personal information it acquires, the Company will institute organizational, human, physical, and technological safety management measures and work to prevent and correct any leaks, loss, or damage to that personal information.

5. Respecting Privacy Rights

For the personal information data held by the Company, where the customer desires the disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of his or her own personal data, or where the customer desires that the use of that personal data be stopped or that the data be erased, the Company will respond promptly within the reasonable and necessary scope. However, where various procedures are required for the above, please understand that the Company may charge a processing fee depending on the details of the customer’s request.

6. Complaints and Inquiries

Where the Company receives a complaint or inquiry regarding the handling of personal information, it will promptly investigate the facts surrounding the complaint or inquiry and respond in good faith within a reasonable time period.

7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Guidelines, and Other Standards Established by the Country

The Company will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines, and other standards established by the country regarding the handling of personal information in the protection of personal information.

8. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection

The Company will establish a person responsible for the handling of personal information, and based on changes in the social conditions and environment, etc., will continuously implement and maintain a personal information protection system. Furthermore, the Company will regularly audit, review, and improve this system.