Empowering the 100-year life
through homes.

"Affordable homes within our reach?" 
"Seeking for a secure abode in the era of 100-year lifespan."

It's all for you—pondering such doubts and thoughts. 

Reasonable price achieved by economies of scale and exceptional quality meeting rigorous standards.
As the leader in market share, we deliver over 40,000 homes yearly that fulfill both criteria.

Our ability stems from our extensive experience in building numerous homes
—this is our pride and pledge.

Realizing a society where anyone can own a house.

Commitment to housing


100-year life, valuing the “basic quality of housing”
Introducing the characteristics of the Iida Group.



The Iida Group strives to create living environments where people can live happily.
We promote sustainability management that contributes to the creation of a sustainable and prosperous society.

About us


Creating a living environment where more people can live happily,
Contribute to creating a prosperous society

Recruitment information


Iida Group Holdings is currently recruiting new graduates and mid-career employees.
Please check the recruitment information for details.