2. Privacy policy
  3. Handling of personal information

Handling of personal information

1. Purpose of use of personal information

(1) Business conducted by our company

Our company operates the following businesses, or owns the shares of companies that conduct the following businesses and controls and manages the business activities of those companies.

  • Architectural work design and construction
  • Civil engineering design and construction
  • Building demolition work
  • General survey work
  • Real estate buying and selling, brokerage, rental and management
  • Manufacture, sale, and import/export of building materials, furniture, and interior decoration products
  • Manufacturing, sales, import/export, and construction of housing equipment, etc.
  • Interior design planning, design and construction
  • Design and construction consulting related to urban development, regional development, residential land development, and other land development
  • Management, rental and management of commercial facilities, accommodation facilities, restaurants, etc.
  • Management of goods stores
  • Business based on the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Law
  • Investment trust management business
  • Buying and selling trust beneficiary rights
  • Managed trust business
  • financial industry
  • Business related to non-life insurance agency business and life insurance recruitment
  • Mediation, guarantee and administrative agency services for housing loans and other general loans
  • Education and training projects related to medical care, welfare, nursing care, and health, as well as contract management and management of facilities.
  • Planning, design, development, and sales of computer software and various information provision services using the Internet
  • Management consulting business
  • Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, etc.
  • Management of massage, aesthetic salons, and treatment spas
  • Acceptance and training of foreign technical intern trainees
  • Training of technicians and operation of training facilities
  • Power generation business using renewable energy, its management and operation, and electricity supply and sales
  • Collection, transportation, processing and recycling of industrial waste
  • All operations related to the preceding items

(2) Purpose of use of personal information

Regarding the business described in (1) above, our company will acquire and use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes. In order to achieve the following purposes, our Customer may provide your personal information to a third Customer without your consent if it is unavoidable for business purposes. In this case, we will stop providing personal information to third parties if requested by Customer.

  • Sales activities such as visits, sending direct mail, solicitation by telephone, email, solicitation by other message services such as SMS (Short Message Service), etc.
  • Administrative procedures related to the contract
  • Providing after-sales service and providing proposals and information regarding optional products and renovations to Customer who have signed a contract with us.
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance of properties for sale and rental
  • Explanation to nearby residents for the development of single-family homes, condominiums, buildings, commercial facilities, etc.
  • Implementation and analysis of surveys and other questionnaires regarding Customer trends, satisfaction levels, etc.
  • Marketing by creating statistical data, etc., and development of new products and services.
  • Sending materials published by our company, such as public relations materials and annual reports
  • Registration for membership services, contacting members and providing services
  • Performance of our obligations, exercise of rights, and related responses
  • Providing and communicating company information and recruitment information to job applicants, considering and notifying the results of recruitment exams, etc.
  • Employment management and welfare of executives and employees, management of retirees
  • Shareholder management
  • Receiving, responding to, and managing requests, opinions, consultations, and complaints from Customer

2. Regarding provision of personal information to third parties

(1) Information to provide

The information we provide to third parties includes address, name, date of birth, age, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, information regarding contracted products and services, and other necessary information.

(2) Means of provision

Personal information will be provided to third parties using electronic data or a printed list.

3.About joint use of personal data

(1) Items of personal data to be jointly used

Address, name, date of birth, age, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, various ID numbers, content of inquiry, content of contract Customer our company or Information regarding contract properties

(2) Purpose of joint use

Responding to inquiries, storing records, developing products, services, and businesses, managing information regarding contracted properties, creating statistical data, marketing research and analysis, providing proposals and information regarding optional products and renovations, and understanding various risks.・Management, etc. To appropriately carry out business management and risk management as a group

(3) Scope of joint users

  • Iida Sangyo
  • FIRST WOOD Co., Ltd.
  • Home Trade Center Co., Ltd.
  • IG Windows Co., Ltd.
  • FIRST PLUS Co., Ltd.
  • ORIENT Co., Ltd.
  • LIVING Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Family Life Service Co., Ltd.
  • Paradise Resort Co., Ltd.
  • TOEI LAND Co., Ltd.
  • GEO RAFTER Co., Ltd.
  • SOLIDONE Co., Ltd.
  • T-AROUND Co., Ltd.
  • First Life Co., Ltd.
  • Aone Plus Co., Ltd.
  • First Plywood Co., Ltd.
  • FLI Co., Ltd.

(4) Person responsible for management

1-2-11 Nishikubo, Musashino City, Tokyo
Iida Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Masashi Kanei

4. Publication of matters related to retained personal data, etc.

(1) Businesses handling personal information

Same as “3. About joint use of personal data” (4) above.

(2) Purpose of use of all retained personal data

Same as "1. Purpose of use of personal information"

(3) Amount of fees for notification of purpose of use of retained personal data and disclosure of retained personal data, and procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.

  • If you would like to make a request for disclosure, etc., please contact the inquiry desk below, fill out the required information on the designated application form sent by our company, and provide us with a copy of your driver's license, passport, health insurance card, etc. Please apply by attaching your identity verification documents.
1-2-11 Nishikubo, Musashino City, Tokyo
Addressed to the person in charge of personal information management Iida Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Regarding notification of the purpose of use of retained personal data and requests for disclosure of retained personal data, a fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for each request. In that case, please enclose a postal money order equivalent to 1,000 yen when you send the application form.
  • After receiving your application for disclosure, etc., we will respond to your request by mail to the address listed on the application form.

(4) Contact for complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of retained personal data

For complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of personal data held by the Company, please contact the contact point specified in (3) above. Please note that we will not be able to accept requests from those who come directly to our office.

5. Matters regarding safety management measures

Our company implements the following measures to appropriately and safely manage retained personal data.

(1) Formulation of personal information protection policy

In order to ensure proper handling of personal data, we have established policies regarding "compliance with relevant laws, guidelines, etc." and "point of contact for handling questions and complaints," etc.

(2) Establishment of regulations regarding the handling of personal data

We have established "Personal Information Protection Regulations" regarding handling methods such as acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion/disposal, persons in charge, duties, etc.

(3) Organizational safety management measures

We have established a manager responsible for the handling of personal data, and have established a system for reporting to the manager in the event that we become aware of any facts or signs of violation of personal information protection-related laws, guidelines, or personal information protection regulations. Masu.

(4) Personnel safety management measures

As appropriate, we educate and thoroughly educate our employees regarding important points regarding the handling of personal data.

(5) Physical safety control measures

Devices that handle personal data, electronic media containing personal data, and documents containing personal data are stored in locked cabinets, archives, etc.

(6) Technical safety control measures

We implement access control to limit the scope of personnel and personal information databases handled.