Iida Group's

Maximize the strengths of being the No. 1 detached house

The Iida Group uses the know-how cultivated in Detached houses business and the best
Taking full advantage of economies of scale,
High quality apartments
At an affordable price
We deliver it to Customer.

Condominium know-how01 Carefully selected location conditions

We carefully select locations that are suitable for condominiums from among the land information purchased by the group.

Illustration of carefully selected location conditions

Condominium know-how02 Realization of low-cost construction

Through thorough standardization and standardization, not only Material cost but also Construction work cost are reduced.

cost reduction diagram

Utilizing these two types of know-how, we offer better properties with less burden at the time of purchase.

Carefully selected lands + Low cost construction = Providing good properties
Because this is a place where you will live for a long time, we will support you in choosing an apartment with an eye to your lifestyle after purchase.