2. Commitment to housing

The top share of detached houses in Japan

Commitment to housing

Achieving high quality, good location, and good price
Iida Group housing that supports home purchases without failure

The Iida Group provides a variety of housing-related products and services, including Condominiums Contract constructions, custom-built houses, and Maintenance and renovation.
We aim to create a society where people can live long, safe, comfortable, and healthy lives even in the age of 100-year lifespans, and we will be closely involved in a wide range of Customer lives.

The Iida Group offers a variety of housing-related products and services (houses for sale, Contract constructions, Maintenance and renovation, Condominiums, Wood processing business, interior building materials and housing equipment, finance and insurance, Glass manufacturing and sales).

Characteristics of the Iida Group


The Iida Group uses the know-how it has built up over many years in Detached houses business to feed back into all kinds of service and product development, and is developing a variety of businesses that help people live long, safe, comfortable, and healthy lives.
We utilize the know-how and technical capabilities we have cultivated in the No. 1 market share (*1) of detached houses for sale in condominiums, custom-Contract constructions, and other fields to deliver better homes and living environments that meet the needs of Customer. 

*1 Share in the detached house market (according to research by Housing Industry Research Institute from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)

No.1 share

yearly4Supply record of 10,000 buildings

Good location

Rooted in the region with over 400 sales offices

Land purchasing network

Good price

Taking full advantage of Japan's No. 1 economy of scale


High quality

Because we have our own factory

Wood processing business Glass manufacturing and sales business ability