2. Commitment to housing
  3. Contract constructions

Iida Group's custom-built homes

The experience of being the No. 1 detached house will be put to good use.
Design ability to find the optimum and abundant design plans

High quality and good prices cultivated through the development of detached houses for sale
Making the most of our know-how,
 For a custom home
In general, custom-built homes that allow you to freely choose the floor plan, equipment, and specifications tend to be expensive.
 Iida Group's custom-built homes offer plans such as semi-custom homes and select homes.
 We can deliver high-quality housing to our customers at reasonable prices.

Custom home know-how01 土地に応じた

With our application capabilities backed by our track record of constructing single-family homes, we achieve a high level of balance between Housing needs and Reality.

Illustration of a state in which Housing needs and Reality are balanced

Custom home know-how02 自社一貫体制で

We have unified quality standards across the group, and a system to manage them, ensuring we see through to completion.

01 High quality standards 02 Well-organized management system 03 Completion of a high-quality house
Contract constructions can only be created by realizing Customer's preferences. Supported by Iida Group's experience and quality standards.