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Strengths of the detached house sales business01 The most chosen detached houses

No. 1 in Japan in number of condominiums supplied*1
Approximately 30% of the total in Japan*1

The Iida Group supplies approximately 40,000 detached houses annually.
This means that approximately 30% of people who purchase detached houses for sale across Japan choose their home from the Iida Group.

As Japan's number one manufacturer of condominiums, we will continue to build homes that meet our customers' expectations.
  1. *1Share in the detached house market (according to research by JUTAKU SANGYO KENKYUSHO from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)

The Iida Group aims to realize a society where everyone can afford to buy a house. To achieve this, we must pay close attention to the basic performance of our homes, acquire land with better conditions, and provide single-family homes that even first-time home buyers can choose with confidence.

By building a supply chain within our own group, we are able to both construct homes at low costs and obtain full housing performance evaluations, thereby providing High quality homes at affordable prices.

The reason why people choose Iida Group is because we have all the conditions to buy a house with peace of mind.

Iida Group Holdings received the highest grade in four areas of the housing performance display system

Strengths of the detached house sales business02 Land that is closely connected to the region
 we have a purchasing network

More than 400 locations nationwide*2 *2 The number of detached house sales locations of our consolidated subsidiaries

Location cannot be changed, which is why it is one of the most important points when choosing a home. What about the surrounding environment, is it convenient, and is the ground strong? We believe that the first step in building a good home is choosing the land.

We have built a land purchasing network with local real estate agents based on over 400 locations across Japan.

Utilizing this network, we purchase and provide land that has been carefully selected according to our own standards.
In addition, we have built a land purchasing network that is rooted in the local area, and have achieved favorable locations by purchasing carefully selected land.

Strengths of the detached house sales business03 We have a system that allows us to provide you with a good home at a lower price.

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We promote the standardization and standardization of housing,
 By placing large orders,
We are pursuing reductions in Wood processing business Glass manufacturing and sales business costs.
In particular, by pre-processing important structural materials such as columns and beams at our group's factories and reducing the amount of work required at the construction site, we are able to not only reduce costs but also eliminate variations in the quality of housing.

By promoting thorough standardization and standardization of each and every material, we are able to provide better homes at lower prices.