2. Commitment to housing
  3. Maintenance and renovation

Iida group's
 Maintenance and renovation

Staying close to your 100-year life

To support your 100-year life
Proper maintenance is required.
We provide regular inspections, maintenance guidance, renovations that suit your lifestyle, sales, etc.
 We provide long-term peace of mind with a support system that can handle all aspects of your home.

Periodic inspection/maintenance

Iida Group will visit your home regularly after purchase to inspect your home and perform maintenance according to the warranty details, supporting an environment in which you can live for a long time.


There are many things you will notice in your life after you have built your home. We can carry out detailed renovations to suit your lifestyle because we have a track record of construction work that knows the house inside and out.
Sale consultation
Iida Group's sales staff, who have a rich sales track record, will quickly provide support for your sale.

Purchaser limited service

This site is designed to support the new life of customers who have purchased Iida Group homes.
We have a variety of information and benefits necessary for daily life.

A service for property purchasers only Sumaiida PLUS+

Iida Group also puts a lot of effort into after-sales service so that you can continue living in our homes for a long time.

Maintenance and renovation services are provided by the following group companies. Please contact each group company for details.