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In November 2013, six listed companies merged to form Iida Group Holdings under the management philosophy of "To contribute to the nurturing of an affluent society through the creation of a living environment where a greater number of people can live truly fulfilling lives"

Under the ethos of "Realizing a society where anyone can own a house." 
we've consistently led the industry by offering high-quality, affordably priced, 
and well-located homes, proudly holding the top spot for housing supply in Japan.

Looking ahead, we unite as a group to address the unique demands of the '100-year life' 
era and contribute to realizing a sustainable society, aiming to create further value.

Simultaneously, leveraging novel technologies and our established strengths, we aspire to be recognized as a "Global No.1 Company," earning trust from stakeholders worldwide. Our commitment lies in delivering value and fostering trust on a global scale.

Top message

Top message

Iida Group Holdings was established in November 2013 through the management integration of six listed companies.

With the common concept of "Realizing a society where anyone can own a house.", we have continued to provide High quality, Good price, and well-located housing, and as a result, we are proud to have become the number one housing supply building in Japan. We were able to grow into a corporate group that boasts a large number of companies.

In Japan, we are now entering the era of 100-year lifespans.

By anticipating changes in the global environment, changes in social structure, and diversifying Customer needs, we leverage our strengths of "overwhelming economies of scale" and "stock customer base," as well as the "competitive approach" we have cultivated through growth. While taking advantage of the platform of collaboration with

We provide a living environment where you can live a long life in safety, comfort, and health, including housing specifications that will last you for 100 years, maintenance services to maintain quality, energy measures that take into account global warming, and forest resource management. We believe that it is our responsibility to constantly pursue the ideal state of things and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our corporate activities.

From being the No. 1 company in Japan to the No. 1 Global company, we will continue to move forward with society while constantly taking on the challenge of change in order to become a corporate group trusted by stakeholders around the world.



Iida Group Holdings

President and Representative Director
Masashi Kanei

Group Management Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

"To contribute to the nurturing of an affluent society through the creation of a living environment where a greater number of people can live truly fulfilling lives"

  • Contribute to the expansion and growth of the housing sales market with the aim of advancing sound development and improving the image of the housing sales industry.
  • Become a group of companies that has the trust and respect of society as a group that is always leading the creation of new markets for the future.
  • Become a group of companies that is first to anticipate changes in the times and can respond swiftly.
  • Leverage the strengths and expertise of Group companies to pursue operational efficiency and create new value.
  • Comply with laws and regulations, respect social justice and norms, and engage in fair business activities.
  • Provide lively, appealing workplaces that enable employees to challenge themselves and carry out fulfilling work.
  • Foster a friendly rivalry between Group companies that respects the autonomy of each company and grows and expands the Group as a whole.
  • Build comprehensive risk management frameworks at each Group company that enable them to react to any situation with swiftness and integrity.

Iida Group business
 to tackle

Iida Group Holdings' main businesses (Detached houses, Maintenance and renovation, Wood processing business Glass manufacturing and sales business, Contract constructions, Real estate brokerage business, real estate rental, Condominiums, Finance and insurance business / Resort business, Overseas)

Iida Group in numbers

Sales revenue
1,439.1 billion​ ​yen
Number of employees
13,366 people
Operating income
59.1 billion yen
Number of group companies
51 companies (consolidated)
Share of detached houses for sale
No.1 *
*Share in the detached house market (as researched by JUTAKU SANGYO KENKYUSHO from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)

Holdings structure


Iida Group Holdings provides management support, Examination, planning and promotion of management strategies for the entire group, Creating group synergies, and supporting group companies to improve their business efficiency. Through this holdings structure, we aim to grow and develop the businesses of each group company and increase the corporate value of the group as a whole.

Iida Group Holdings structure diagram

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