2. Recruitment information

Recruitment information



Iida Group Holdings considers management strategies for the entire group, Creating group synergies, and provides management support for each group company.

Ten years have passed since the business integration of six companies in November 2013, and the company has now expanded to include a total of 48 companies, with a total of approximately 13,000 employees. In addition to housing sales, each employee has a wide variety of roles, including manufacturing construction materials, developing residential land, researching and developing the latest technology, and Global business.

In order to respect the corporate culture and strengths of each group company and link them to the growth of the Iida Group as a whole, it is essential not only for each employee to be active, but also to instill a common management philosophy within the group.
We hope that employees working at Holdings will demonstrate their abilities to connect group companies and achieve sustainable growth.

Based on the Iida Group's management policy of ''creating a lively and attractive workplace where employees can take on challenges and find their work rewarding,'' we are looking forward to working with you to take on big goals.

Our ideal candidate




  • People who can think independently and communicate their ideas to others while accepting diversity.
  • People who like working with people and exchanging opinions with various people
  • Those who can approach work carefully and aim to complete the work accurately.



  • A person who can repeat trial and error and act with independence in order to carry out work.
  • A person who can communicate smoothly with members of different mindsets, positions, genders, and ages, and work toward the same goal.



  • People who have their own ideas but are able to respond according to the situation without sticking to those ideas.
  • People who are willing to take on challenges without hesitation in changing situations and new environments.

Employee interview


About employees working at Iida Group Holdings
We will introduce stories about the job content, rewards, career history, reasons for joining the company, human resource development, and more.


Allowances Commuting allowance,
Qualification allowance (Real Estate Transaction Agent, etc.)
Raise Once a year (April)
Bonus Twice a year (July, December)
Holiday vacation [Holidays] Saturdays, Sundays, New Year's holidays, summer holidays, and other days determined by the company
[Vacation] Paid vacation, special leave, planned annual leave system
*115 days off per year (+5 planned days off per year)
Treatment/benefits/company system Employee stock ownership plan, retirement allowance, childcare center
Work location Musashino City, Tokyo
Working hours 9:00~18:00